United Scholastic Academy

Supporting student-athletes to realize their full potential in both their educational and athletic journeys drives our team forward. The United Scholastic Academy (USA) endeavours to provide an environment where these student-athletes, in grades 9 through 12, are challenged to excel. Our learning model, inspected and approved by Ontario’s Ministry of Education, operates on the understanding that each student has a unique set of academic strengths and areas of need that must be cultivated and addressed. As such, each student is connected to a team of caring adults – including teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators – who challenge, guide, and support them along their academic path, including in the areas of goal setting, post-secondary options, and career planning. The USA model also prioritizes the ongoing development of well-rounded athletes, offering strength and conditioning workouts (overseen by a licensed physiotherapist), nutrition guidance, and sport-specific training.


United Scholastic Academy has five campuses in the Greater Toronto Area to serve you best. Contact us for information on any of our Campus locations.