1. Completes Candidate Information

2. Provide Academic Documents Online

Families are required to scan and upload copies of the candidate's final report cards from the previous year (incoming grade 9s or the previous 2 years for any other grade) as well as a copy of the current school year report cards. Candidates seeking entrance to Grades 11 or 12 must submit an Official Transcript and their Credit Counselling Summary.

3. Complete the Student Reference Online

As part of the application process families must provide the student reference to their son’s current teacher through the online application. Families will require the teacher’s name and email address to complete this part of the application.

4. Submit Application Fee

Payment of a non-refundable $125 application fee. Families wishing to make a payment via mail or in person should contact the Office of Admissions.

5. Interview

Once an application is initiated, candidates are required to complete an interview. This will be a virtual interview.

6. Complete Character Skills Snapshot

This 20-30 minute survey is completed online. Please ensure results are sent directly to United Scholastic Academy.